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Driving the Green Revolution in Fragrance

In recent years, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the significance of the products they keep in their homes and the impact these have on their health. This shift towards consumer consciousness puts many popular personal care products under scrutiny.

 In the U.S., the western states are at the forefront of opting for greener choices. In the categories of skin & hair care, makeup, sunscreen, fragrance, and nail care, 73% of women in these areas are prioritizing all-natural ingredients. While skin care continues to lead the green beauty trend, the demand for natural fragrances is rapidly growing, with 44% of women now seeking out all-natural scents.

 Now more than ever, consumers are carefully examining labels, with 60% of women doing their research before making a purchase. However, despite their diligence, full transparency is often lacking. The U.S. does not require companies to disclose all fragrance ingredients, which means label-reading can be incomplete. In the fragrance industry, up to 4,000 chemicals may be used, typically hidden under the vague term 'fragrance.' A single fragrance can contain between 50 to 300 distinct chemicals, none of which have to be listed individually due to trade secret laws.

 Soul Space is proud to join the vibrant evolution of clean fragrance, where quality and transparency are the hallmarks of every product. In an industry that's awakening to the importance of natural ingredients, we are committed to offering our customers incense that is free from synthetic scents and the vagueness of the 'fragrance' label. Our pledge is to be part of this clean revolution, ensuring that every item we create is as authentic and pure as it is fragrant and comforting for your space and well-being.

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