• Step 1 | Sprinkle incense on incense holder

    Gently shake the incense container for an even mix and lightly sprinkle (don’t pile) a teaspoon onto the incense holder. Over time, you can adjust the amount to find the perfect balance for your mood and setting.

  • Step 2 | Trim tealight candle wick

    This step crucial to ensure a clean, low-smoke experience: Trim the wick of the candle to 1/8”-1/4” before lighting it. This step not only reduces smoke but also preserves the pure aroma of the delicate botanicals and ensures you get the best scent experience. Please don't skip this step!

  • Step 3 | Light tealight candle

    Light the tealight candle and place it inside the incense holder. Sit back and relax as the natural aroma gently fills your space!


What kind of tealight candles can I use?

We do not recommend using beeswax candles as they burn hotter and increase the risk of burning the incense. Other than that, you can use any tealight candle. Always trim your tealight wick to 1/4" before use to ensure minimal smoke.

How much incense should I use?

We recommend to sprinkle a teaspoon of incense on the screen.

How long does the incense last on the incense holder?

As long as you have the tealight lit you will experience a scent.

We usually place incense on the holder and leave it on until the tealight candle burns out (but always extinguish the candle if you are leaving the space).

How do I know when to change?

We recommend to change the scent any time you decide to use your warmer and light your tealight candle. We do not recommend to reheat incense that has already been used.

How far does the scent travel?

We spend a lot of time experimenting and tweaking our formulations to get the strength just right. Our unique warming method creates a fragrant, but gentle scent. Just like ambient background music, our scents thrive in the
background but never overpower.

How do you calculate the burn time?

We calculate with a average burn time of 4 hours per tealight.

How many uses can I expect from one container of incense?

Each blend container is sized to last at least 20 usages. Each sample is sized to last for 2 usages.

Does incense warming produce smoke?

Yes, the incense holder produces some smoke with the big difference that the smoke produced by using our method is free from the typical smoke scent as nothing is burned. The beauty of the incense holder is that you can use it to fit your incense desires. If low-smoke is important to you, be sure to always trim the wick of your tealight candle to 1/4” - 1/8" so the flame does not get too high and therefore too hot (this is generally the single most important factor in maintaining little to no smoke). Additionally, sprinkle the incense on the screen instead of piling it in the center of the screen. If a mixture is producing more smoke than you would like, move the incense away from the center of the screen. You’ll still get the full experience of the aroma.

We've found that by following these tips our incense holders produce a similar amount of smoke to incense that is advertised as "smokeless incense".

What happens to the incense as it's warmed?

After some time on the incense warmer, the incense will begin to look “toasted” (think of bread after it’s been in the toaster). This is normal, and is especially common with delicate herbs such as rose. However, the incense material will not change form or turn to ash.

Is your product pet friendly?

Many customers have told us that they especially love our natural incense blends because they can use them around their pets. We’ve even spoken to owners of especially sensitive pets who were excited to be using scent again after they thought it wouldn't be possible anymore!

Can I use your incense without a Soul Space incense holder?

Our natural incense blends are specifically formulated for use atop our incense holders but they can also be burned using the traditional charcoal method of loose incense burning.

If using charcoal, we recommend first sprinkling sand over the glowing charcoal before sprinkling on the incense. Doing this will protect delicate herbs from burning too quickly.

What is a resin?

Resins are naturally produced plant material (similar to a tree gum). Resins are typically harvested from the bark of trees and plants. Some of our favorite resins are frankincense, myrrh, and copal.

Can I use pure resin on the holder?

Yes! Our incense holder is a fantastic alternative to charcoal burning. Resins melt at different temperatures and we only use resins in our blends that do not melt on the screen. While testing out your resins we recommend placing a small piece of aluminum foil on the screen under the resin (or place the resin in an empty tealight candle tin) to see how it burns.

I have a question regarding my incense holder. Who should I contact?

We love talking all things incense. Send us an email at hello@soulspaceincense.com or use the contact form.

More than anything, we want you to love your Soul Space products! If you have any questions about how to use your incense holder or feedback about the product please email us at hello@soulspaceincense.com. With feedback, we can ensure that we are creating the best product that we can.

Tips & Tricks

1. Trim Your Tealight Wick

The tealight candle is the source of heat for your incense holder. The length of the candle wick will control how much heat the incense receives. A long wick produces a higher flame, higher heat and thus more smoke. Inversely, a trimmed, short wick will provide lower heat, resulting in less smoke and a more sustainable fragrance. Always trim your tealight wick to 1/8”- 1/4” inch. This is the single most important thing if you want to achieve minimal smoke and a pure scent experience.

2. Less is More

Less is more when it comes to natural incense. Start with a teaspoon of incense and adjust from there. Since the space directly above the tealight candle will be the hottest spot on the incense screen, avoid piling all the incense in the center of the screen. Instead, sprinkle the incense over the screen.

3. Unscented, Tealight Candles

Only use tealight candles as our holders are specifically designed to be used with them. Avoid extended burn time, extra-large, etc. tealights because they are generally larger and thus not as compatible with incense warming. We advise against using beeswax candles as they burn at a higher temperature than other types of wax.

We use and recommend GoodLight tealight candles. GoodLight candles are made from plant-based wax and 100% cotton wicks.

4. Cleaning Your Screen

With use, your screen will begin to accumulate residue from the incense. This is normal. Just as you care for your favorite pan after cooking on the stove, you’ll want to care for your screen. Any cooled incense that you are not able to get off by brushing (or using the top edge of the brush to chip off), you can clean as follows or watch our Screen Cleaning Reel that’s highlighted on our Instagram Page:

  • Hold the screen a few inches over the tealight candle until you begin to see the residue melt (this should just take a few seconds). Remove the screen from the heat and brush the liquified pieces away. Repeat as needed. You can also put your screen in the dishwasher to clean off any oil or smudges.

Over time you may choose to replace your screen and you can easily purchase a replacement screen in our shop.

5. Fire Safety Notes

Be mindful of fire safety while using your incense holder and always follow the safety label on your tealight candle. Always place your incense holder on a sturdy surface and away from materials that may catch fire. Do not move your incense holder while it is lit. Not only could it be hot, but there is an opening in the back. Never leave your lit incense holder unattended.