Copal Breu


Copal, a resin for healing and grounding, has been used and revered since ancient times by numerous cultures. The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word copalli, meaning “incense”. Copal, often thought of as the frankincense of the Americas was historically used in ceremonies, rituals, and medicine. Copal was commonly used as an offering to the Mayan and Aztec gods, and was considered to be the “food of the gods”. Today, Copal is still used by a number of indigenous people in Mexico and Central America in temazcales (sweat lodge ceremonies). During Día de los Muertos celebrations, Copal sometimes referred to as pom, is found in abundance on altars to draw in the spirits of loved ones.


Copal is a deeply grounding resin that is thought to be effective in reducing anxious feelings and alleviating stress. Scientifically, this could be due to copal’s rich triterpene content. Triterpenes are a class of chemical compounds that are found in many plants and fungi and offer promising medicinal benefits. An easy way to experiment with this is simply to notice the effects that the resin has on the body when inhaled. It’s difficult to remain tense when smelling the clear, piney, and citrusy scent of this sacred resin.

Our Copal

At Soul Space Incense, we source a sustainably harvested, Breu Copal (Protium Heptaphyllum) from the Amazonian Rainforest. Often referred to as, "Brazilian Frankincense", it is harvested sustainably from material that has accumulated at the base of trees over years. On a ceramic incense holder, the copal releases a lovely woody, soft green fragrance.

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