A symbol of healing and peace, Sweetgrass is a fragrant herb native to North America and parts of Europe. The naturally occurring coumarin gives Sweetgrass its characteristic vanilla-like scent, giving it a rich and textured aromatic profile. Traditionally, Native American tribes have revered Sweetgrass as one of the Four Sacred Medicines, alongside sage, cedar, and tobacco. In Northern Europe, sweetgrass was scattered on the ground in front of churches on saints' days so that the pleasing fragrance would be released as people walked inside.

Care and attention should be given when harvesting Sweetgrass. Traditional methods involve hand-picking the grass without uprooting it; leaving the roots and seeds to ensure the plant's ability to regrow and maintain a healthy ecosystem. With its rising popularity in modern spiritual and wellness practices, sustainable and respectful harvesting is crucial to preserving and honoring this sacred plant.


As it burns, Sweetgrass not only purifies a space but also attracts positive energies. It is said that the sweet-smelling smoke cleanses the spirit and brings sacred messages to the higher planes of existence. The calming and pleasant scent of sweetgrass is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and uplift the spirit, much like other aromatic herbs.

Our Sweetgrass

At Soul Space, we deeply respect the cultural and ecological significance of Sweetgrass. Our sweetgrass braids are wildharvested by First Nation communities in Canada in accordance with traditional harvesting methods. On a ceramic incense holder, Sweetgrass emanates a warm, sweet aroma with notes reminiscent of vanilla and fresh hay. Its scent has even been likened to fresh baked goods. Its aromatic profile is rich and balsamic, with an underlying earthiness that's both calming and invigorating.

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