Lavender, well-known in the worlds of gardening, baking, and aromatherapy, has now become one of the most studied herbs in modern western medicine. Because it’s now widely researched and studied, there is an abundance of information available about its benefits.

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East and was valued by ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations not only for its fragrant aroma but also for its healing and antimicrobial properties. In traditional Chinese health practices, lavender has long been used for its cooling effect and for its ability to relax and ease tension in the body.


Linalool, a monoterpene contained in lavender, may be responsible for the health benefits of lavender. The benefits of linalool are substantial and include reducing anxiety and blood pressure. Other modern research has suggested lavender can be effective in supporting sleep, reducing pain and inflammation, helping to boost mood, reducing anxiety and depression, and relieving menstrual pain.

Our Lavender

At Soul Space Incense, we source a fragrant organic English Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia. Linalool gives lavender its floral and somewhat spicy scent that is slightly reminiscent of bergamot or lily of the valley. The scent of lavender is cooling and relaxing and brings an energetic clarity when used as incense. Lavender pairs well with many herbs and resins but it can also stand alone on a ceramic incense holder.

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